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If this website has whetted your appetite for learning more about cooling we recommend the following links that provide more in-depth learning and technical resources focused on advanced refrigeration science and knowledge for free (external links).



Danfoss elearning - Webinars, e-lessons and face to face courses.
Star elearning - Star Refrigeration presents an online learning portal for industry professionals.
Emerson Education services - Improve your workforce with a full range of training options from Emerson’s Education Services.

Chilling with Jens podcast - Discover refrigeration zen with the Chilling with Jens podcast.



 The Engineering Mindset videos - Our goal is to be the number one resource and online learning tool for all aspects of engineering.



Refrigeration Basics - Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Training - Learn to Troubleshoot


 Case studies from GEA - Read our latest stories.


   Chemistry Shark information sheets - Formula sheet that includes equations for enthalpy, entropy, free energy, heat capacity, and the laws of thermodynamics.
REAL Alternatives elearning - Blended learning for alternative refrigerants 
The Tip of the Iceberg - IOR Podcast discussing current issues related to the environment and refrigeration













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