Gas Laws

These laws describe how gas Volume, Temperature and Pressure are related.


The Pressure Law

as Temperature goes up, Pressure goes up.


Boyle’s Law

as Volume goes down, Pressure goes up.


Charles’ Law

as Temperature goes up, Volume goes up.



Bike Pumps and Gas Laws

What are Pressure, Temperature, Volume and Compression?

The bike pump pushes air into the tyre. There is now more air in the tyre but it occupies the same volume - this is known as compression.

Increasing the amount of a gas in a fixed space can lead to an increase in temperature - you might notice that a pump gets hot when you use it.

The relationship between volume, pressure and temperature is explained using the Gas Laws.

If you want to raise the temperature of a gas you can do it by raising the amount of pressure put on it. But also, you can lower its temperature by reducing the pressure – this is how refrigeration works.


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