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Career Finder Quiz

Career Finder Quiz

Can you guess what type of career in refrigeration, air conditioning or heat pumps you might be suited to? Try our quiz and based on your interests and skills we will give you some suggestions to think about...

Which of these subjects do you think are going to be most relevant to your future career?
Refrigeration and air conditioning technologies encompass a huge variety of subjects – a good knowledge of thermodynamics physics is needed for technical jobs, increasingly IT and computing skills required for controls technology, and designers use Computer Aided Design and modelling to improve components.
On a typical weekend do you like to...
Technicians need to be practical and have a keen interest in how things work. But all roles in the sector require good people skills because you will be working in project teams maybe with Architects, Building or Site owners, Designers and Installers.
In your ideal job, can you imagine yourself...
The sector offers lots of opportunities to travel both within the UK and overseas – UK refrigeration engineering expertise is much in demand. You could be working in an out of town supermarket one day and a London office block the next. Office based jobs are also available in lots of companies if you prefer to work from one base.
When you finish school, do you expect to...
You can earn as you learn with an apprenticeship in a technical subject such as Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, or in other subjects such as Engineering, Manufacturing, Electrical Engineering or Business Administration. For those who want to go to University, Engineering or Building Services degree courses are available. Many employers recruit and train their own staff as well.
What sounds like the most interesting job to you?
Working in this sector, you will meet lots of interesting people working in a wide variety of locations and there are great opportunities for promotion as the sector is growing. It doesn't matter whether you are in an office based or field based role!
What is your most valuable asset?
All these attributes are important for any role in this sector – field technicians are the most hands-on practical roles because they are out on site most of the day, but dealing with customers and problem solving are equally important.
How ambitious are you?
Most companies in the refrigeration sector are small businesses, so there is a good chance you can end up setting up on your own as a consultancy or installation company. But there are also many international companies with important UK bases that recruit and develop local talent.

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