What is The Institute of Refrigeration?

The Institute of Refrigeration (IOR) is an independent registered charity run for the public benefit with a membership of over 2200 individuals reflecting the diversity of the refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump sector. The Institute provides a central resource for people from all over the world to improve the application of refrigeration and allied fields for the general good of society with particular emphasis on environment, efficiency, safety and innovation.

This website is designed by the Institute of Refrigeration - the UK professional body of refrigeration engineering experts - to raise awareness of the contribution of refrigeration science and principles to our world today.


Our charitable objectives

  • to provide a forum for all those involved professionally in refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump science and engineering.
  • to promote the technical advancement of refrigeration in all its applications, in relation both to the perfection of its methods and the minimisation of its effects on the environment.
  • to encourage the extension of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump services for the benefit of the community.
  • to promote means of communication for the exchange of expertise and interchange of views, and to communicate knowledge of refrigeration and its communal benefits to the outside world.
  • to encourage invention and research in all matters relating to the science and practice of refrigeration.


The Institute was founded in 1899 as the Cold Storage and Ice Association and was the first national society of mechanical refrigeration in the world. In 1944 qualified membership was introduced in order to raise the status of the association and of those engaged in the science and its practice, and the present name of the Institute of Refrigeration was adopted.  It is governed by a Board of nine trustees elected by the membership who volunteer to manage and steer the Institute.


Our education work

The IOR leads on education initiatives for the sector and started its Fantastic Fridges schools' project way back in 1999 as a basic website looking at how refrigeration relates to Geography, Science and History.  This moved into a more interactive site targetted at young people in 2009 and most recently this has been extended with more indepth science information and careers sections.

The IOR runs an Employers Trailblazer group who helped to design and manage the Refrigeration Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Engineering Technician Apprenticeship scheme and supports colleges and employers in this area.

It also works with SIRACH (Sustainable Innovation in RACHP) to promote co-operation between universities and busines research departments in refrigeration related fields.

For more about the IOR's work see www.ior.org.uk

Contact us at ior@ior.org.uk or 0208 647 7033

Board of Trustees of the Institute of Refrigeration
IOR Women in RACHP network group members at one of our career development days

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